About PFE Technologies

PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is an established distribution and manufacturing company supplying abrasives and sealant products. The company holds exclusive distribution rights for Klingspor Abrasives from Germany and Soudal Sealants from Belgium, besides having her own brand Pereseal Acrylic and Silicone Sealants. Beyond this, PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is also an integrator of smart homes under the Homesmart.sg brand, and a distributor of Aqara and Sensibo smart devices.

Established in Singapore in 1978, the company has gained a reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding value. PFE’s mission is to deliver a superior level of services and products to her customers and users, and aim to seek new opportunities, ideas, innovative and quality products to meet and exceed client’s, business associate’s and customers’ expectations.

PFE Technologies’ main product lines include abrasives, sandpaper, cutting and grinding discs, acrylic sealants, silicone sealants, polyurethane foam (PU foam), PU sealants, and MS Polymer sealant/adhesives.

Production Powerhouse

Our advanced production facility in Singapore is state-of-the-art, and is what gives us our credibility in our reliability, consistency, and support.


After so many decades in the business, we are well aware of how everything works in the market, and we have absolute confidence in our own company.

Technical Competency

We know what we’re talking about. We strive for technical excellence. We know the ins-and-outs of the chemistry in our products, and of others’.

Our most important asset is the customer. Without our customers, there is no basis to do anything, and in that same logic, everything we do is for the customer. We have, over so many years, cultivated long-lasting, exceedingly positive business relationships with over a thousand customers, and this is by far the most important success story for PFE Technologies. This was not a fluke; this is not out of luck. This is the result of years of painstaking hard work and effort manufacturing and providing an unsurpassed level of products and services to the market.

Being a customer-centric company, our philosophy is very simple – customer satisfaction is key. And customer satisfaction is derived when they can count on us to deliver three very simple things – high quality, reliable products, prompt responses, and skilled and proficient technical support. Our company is built around these pillars, and that is the reason why we are able to delight customers from 1978 until today.